Zephr User Guide

Admin Users

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Manage who has access to your Zephr Admin Console from the Admin Users section of the Zephr Admin Console. Click the Admin User Settings icon in the top right, then click Admin Users.

The Admin Users page displays a list of your current admin users, as well as the role of that user.

By default, there are two types of Admin User within Zephr:

  • Owners: This user is the main account holder, and has full access to the Admin Console
  • Administrators: These users have full access to the Admin Console, and have the ability to view and configure all Zephr settings.

You can also create your own custom roles, limiting which modules of the Zephr Admin Console your admin users have access to. Read our Roles guide for more information.

Inviting an Admin User

To invite a team member to the Zephr Admin Console, click Invite A User. Add the user’s email address, and select the Role relevant to them, then click Invite.

The user will receive an email with an activation link.

If the user has never used Zephr before, they should click the link, then click Register and register for Zephr. Once they have completed this, they will be able to login using their newly created credentials, and their details will appear in the Admin Users table.

If the user has used Zephr before, they can log in after clicking the activation link. This will take them to the relevant Zephr Admin Console so they can start work.