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Two-Factor Authentication for Admin Users

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As part of our commitment to privacy and security, Zephr has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) for all admin users accessing the Zephr Admin Console.

Two-Factor Authentication allows an added layer of protection when accessing your account, as users logging in need not only an email address and password but also access to the email account they are logging in with.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is a system whereby logging in with a correct email address and password results in an email being sent to that email address, including a one-time code for login.

Users must locate this code in their emails, and enter it on the next page of the login screen to complete their login.

2FA - Code Entry

Trust This Browser?

The Trust This Browser Feature allows you to access the Zephr Admin Console on your current browser for 7 days, before having to use 2FA again.

2FA - Trust This Browser Screen

We recommend that this is only used on private devices. If you are using a public device, then please select Trust For This Session.