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Companies & Accounts

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Companies and Accounts help you manage subscriptions on a bulk level – great for if you’re selling multiple subscriptions to a single company, and want to manage those users with a single set of product grants.

Companies and Accounts allow you to set an Account Manager, limit the number of users who can join, and generate registration codes to allow self on-boarding to the account. In Zephr, this is managed in the Companies & Accounts section of the B2B module.

Reviewing Accounts

To find out more about the Accounts you have already set up, navigate to the B2B module within your Zephr Admin Console and click Companies & Accounts. You’ll be directed to the main Companies & Accounts page, which lists the existing Accounts  within Zephr, like so:

List of Companies & Accounts

Creating Accounts

To create an Account, click Add Account. This page is broken down into three sections: Account Details, Membership Options, and Product Grants.

Account Details

The Account Details section is where the information around the company and account are stored. Here, enter the Company Name, Account Name, and the Number of Seats allowed on the account.

The number of seats refers to the number of individual end-users allowed to have access via the Account. For example, if you sell a bulk subscription for 100 employees, then your number of seats will be 100.

Zephr offers the ability to allow accounts to be oversubscribed, which can be used as an upsell technique for your sales team or could be worthwhile for more fluid corporate memberships. Tick the relevant box to allow this, and then decide if you would like to be alerted by email when the account hits the subscription limit. You will be given the option to nominate an email address for these emails to be sent to.

Here’s an example of the Account Details sections filled in:

Comapnies & Accounts - Account Details Set Up

Membership Options

Membership Options references the way in which end users can join the Account:

  • Registration Code: Allows you to set a registration code which, when entered into a Zephr Registration Form, automatically adds the user to the account.
  • IP Addresses: Allows you to set a series of IP addresses which will be automatically considered as part of the account. Zephr supports single IP address and CIDR ranges.
  • Email Domains: Allows you to set specific email domains whereby users registering with that email domain are automatically added to the account. When using this option, we recommend enabling the ‘Require Email Verification’ option under Identity > Settings, to ensure users are registering with legitimate email addresses.
  • Referrer Domain: Allows you to set a specific referrer domain, whereby users reaching your site from this domain will automatically be added to the account, upon registration.
  • Add Users: Allows you to manually add existing users into the account.

Here’s an example of the Membership Options section filled in:

Membership Options filled out with registration code and email domain

Product Grants

Product Grants is where you set the Products you want users within the Account to have access to.

To add a Product, click the Add Products button, then select the Product from the drop-down list and, if relevant, click Set Expiry Date.

Expiry Dates can be set for increments of 1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, or you may select the Custom Range option and set the date and time fields accordingly.

User Details - Product Grants

Once complete, click Grant Product.

You can remove Products from a Corporate Account by locating the product in the Product Grants section, click the drop-down arrow, then clicking Delete Product Grant.

If you haven’t set up any Products yet, take a look at our Products guide.

Once your setup is complete, click Save.

Editing Accounts

To edit an account, locate the account in the Accounts list, on the Companies & Accounts page of the B2B module. Click Edit.

From here you’ll be taken to a screen to make the required amendments to the Account Details, Membership Options, Users and Product Grants.

Click Save when done.

Deleting Accounts

To delete an account, locate the account in the Accounts list, on the Companies & Accounts page of the B2B module.

When you click Delete, you will be asked to confirm you wish to delete the Account. Confirming will complete the deletion. Please note this is an irreversible action, and all users within the Account will lose access to any Companies and Accounts Product Grants at the point of deletion.