Zephr User Guide


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Zephr offers a range of options for verifying users when they sign up to your site.

Note: These options can only be used with the Zephr CDN.

From blacklisting emails to requiring email verification, read on to find User Authentication options that work for you.

Blacklisted Email Domains

Zephr’s blacklisted email domains feature allows you to set a list of email domains that users are unable to register with.

For B2B companies looking to gather company details, these may be domains like gmail.com or hotmail.com. More broadly, companies wishing to remove the ability for people to sign up with well known ‘fake email’ domains may wish to restrict users from registering with a mailinator.com or test.com email address.

To add to your email domain blacklist, navigate to the Identity Module within your Zephr Admin Console. Click Settings, then scroll to the Authentication section.

You will see an input box titled Blacklisted Email Domains. Add each domain you wish to blacklist on a new line within this box.

List of Blacklisted Domain Names

Once saved users will no longer be able to register with blacklisted domains. Any users who are already registered via that domain will have continued access to log in to their account.

Require Email Verification

When registering a new user to a site, some companies require email verification as an additional means of authentication. When switched on, a user who registers receives an email asking them to verify their email address. Clicking the link within that email results in a redirection back to the site, and being logged in.

If you are using Passwordless Authentication, you will be required to turn this setting on in order to create Passwordless Authentication Login and Registration forms. Read our Passwordless Authentication Guide for more details.

Through Zephr, you can switch this on via a simple checkbox in your Identity Module Settings. Navigate to the Identity Module within your Zephr Admin Console. Click Settings, then scroll to the Authentication section.

Tick Require Email Verification. Once ticked, a text box will appear below. In this text box, add the copy you would like displayed to a user when they click register and are sent a verification email. For example:

We've sent you an email! Click the link in your inbox to complete your registration.

Note: This message will only display when you are using an out-of-the-box Zephr Registration Form. If your registration and login are displayed via a Custom Component, you will need to add this logic to the Custom Component for it to display.

After you have set the notification message, select how long you wish the Authentication Link in the email to be valid for. When set, click Save.

Email Verification Required - Setting Notification Message and Authentication Link Time Out

Read our Email Templates guide to discover how to review and edit the verification email that is sent to your Users.

Two Factor Email Authentication

Checking the Two Factor Email Authentication box adds an additional layer of identity protection in the login and registration process.

By having this checked, users creating a new active session will be sent an email with a one-time password, which can be used to login.

Use the Two Factor Email Authentication Message text box to specify the message users will see on your form when this email is sent.