Zephr User Guide

Single Sign-On (SSO)

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As part of Zephr’s multi-site approach to our software, we offer the ability for your end-users to use single sign-on.

Single sign-on refers to your end-users being logged in to all of your sites, after logging into a single site. For example, logging in to Site A, and receiving an authenticated session for Site B and Site C at the same time.

Note: If SSO is enabled after go-live, users who have previously visited a site anonymously will NOT be logged in using SSO, and will need to log in to that site on their next visit.

To enable single sign-on, navigate to Identity > Identity User Settings > Single Sign On and select the ‘Enable Single Sign On’ option.

Once enabled, click Save.

A technical description of Zephr’s Single Sign-On is available here.