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Site Groups

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Sites Groups allow you to band multiple Sites into a single group for use within Products and Features.

For Features, this allows you to create custom user journeys for a series of your Sites, without the need to add a decision point for every site.

For Products, this allows you to create produces and subscription packages which span across some, but not all, of your sites.

For example, if you have a series of News sites, and a series of Data sites, you may wish to create a News Site Group, and a Data Site Group. Within a feature rule, you can then do a check to see if users are accessing one of the sites within the Data Site Group, and offer a trial for content, while users accessing the News Site Group are not offered one.

Creating Site Groups

Please note: we recommend having Sites set up before creating Site Groups. For more information, read our Sites Guide.

To create a Site Group, navigate to Delivery > Site Groups. Here you will see a list of any Site Groups already created for your organisation.

To create a group, click Add A Group, give it a Title, then click Continue. This group will now appear in your list of Site Groups.

Adding a Site Group

To add Sites to this, click the name of the new Site Group. Click Add Sites, then select the Sites you wish to add to the Site Group. Click Continue.

Adding a Site to a Site Group

Complete these steps until all your Site Groups have been created.

Managing Site Groups

To edit a Site Group, click into the group from your Site Groups list and make the required changes.

To delete a Site Group, navigate to your list of Site Groups and click the edit icon in the top right corner of the Site Group List. Select the Site Group you wish to delete, then click the delete icon. You will need to confirm you wish to delete this Site Group.