Zephr User Guide

Stacking Decision Nodes

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Sometimes our customers want to check multiple points of information against their users and make decisions for a user’s journey based on them meeting any or all of the criteria laid out in those checks.

To manage this, Zephr allows you to stack decision points within a rule using boolean logic of Any/Or.

Stacking Decision Points

To stack a decision point, navigate to your rules builder and drag a decision point on top of another within your rules canvas.

Stacked Decision Point - Collapsed

A modal will open with tabs along the top, showing each decision point available within the stack.

Stacked Decision Point Modal

Set the decision point checks accordingly, then, under Type, select the combination of And or Or.

The And option bases decisions on your users meeting the ‘Yes’ criteria for each decision point. The outputs from this will be All – Yes, or Any – No.

And Output Option

The Or option bases decisions on your users meeting the ‘Yes’ criteria of any decision point within the stack. The output from this will be Any – Yes, All – No.

Or Output Option

To add additional decision points to the stack, click the + icon in the top right-hand corner of the modal. This will open a search of available decision points for you to choose from.

Decision Point Search Modal

Once your options have been added, click Save. On the canvas, click the expand button next to the stack to see information on each decision point or select collapse to hide this detail.

 Stacked Decision Point - Expanded