Zephr User Guide

Building a Custom Component Block

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Custom Component Blocks are blocks of your company’s custom code used within the Outcome of a Zephr Feature. These sections allow you to move beyond Zephr’s out-of-the-box Registration, Data Capture, and Payment Forms to provide unique outcomes for your user journeys, such as house ads, special messages, and more.

Creating a Custom Component Block

To create a custom component block, navigate to the relevant Zephr Feature and select Add Outcome from the decision bar.

Scroll to the Components section, select Add a Component, then click the Add button below the Custom Component Block option.

A modal will open. Here you can give your Custom Component Block a Title, and add the relevant HTML code you wish to have rendered within the Outcome. In the example below, the added HTML would replace the article content in our feature with a solid orange box.

Example Custom Component Block

When complete, click Save.

To preview your Outcome, click the Preview button. This will show you what your form will look like in line with your Article content.

House Ad Preview - In Line House Ad

To close the preview, click Close.

When you’re happy with your Outcome, click Save. You will then be able to drag the Outcome onto your Rule Canvas, and connect it to your user journey as required.