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Creating a Lead-In

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Many of our clients use lead-ins to display an excerpt of content to users, before asking them to login or subscribe to read a full piece of content.

Shows an article displaying first 30 words before fading words to show registration form

In Zephr, this is simple to do, with the Hide Some Content feature allowing you to select the number of words you wish to show, and how you’d like the content to transition to the Form or UI Component.

Creating a Lead-In

To create a lead-in, navigate to the Feature you wish to add a lead-in to.

From your Rules Builder, select Outcomes, then Add Outcome.

In the Components section of your new Outcome, you will see a default component where your Feature Content is crossed out and replaced with No Content Shown. This means that all content relevant to this Feature will be hidden, and replaced with any other components you add.

Default Hide Content Component

To change this to a lead-in, click the Hide Some Content button.

A modal will open, asking you to set how many words to display before your Feature Outcome, along with what style of lead-in you want. The most common selection is for this is Fade Out, where your content fades out before your form or UI component displays.

Hide Some Content Options

Click Save, then complete the rest of your Outcome as usual.

For more information on Zephr Outcomes, including how to build registration and payment forms, read our Outcomes User Guide.