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Previewing Outcomes

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When creating a Feature Rule, Zephr offers the opportunity for you to preview an outcome, in order to see what it will look like in situ on your site (or sites).

Previewing Outcomes

In order to preview Outcomes, Zephr needs to crawl your site to find the Feature Tags or CSS Selector you have used to define the Feature. To do this, navigate to the Developer Interface of your Feature Rule – either by creating a new rule, or by unlocking it from the bottom of an existing Feature.

Under Site Integration, click the ‘Check Sites for Feature’ button.

Previewing Outcomes - Check Sites for Feature

If the Feature has been integrated, a green notification will display, along with an example URL for where the Feature has been found.

Click Update & Lock.

Now, in your Rules Canvas, locate or add an Outcome to your Feature Rule. Once added, right click on the Outcome, then select Preview.

Previewing Outcomes - Preview Button

A new screen will display, showing your Rules Canvas on the left, with selected Outcome highlighted in green, and your Site on the right.

Previewing Outcomes - View Preview

The site will display your selected outcome in situ.

Editing Your Outcome In A Preview

You can also edit your Outcome whilst previewing it.

To do this, double click on the Outcome you wish to edit. This will open the Outcome to the left, with the site preview on the right.

Previewing Outcomes - Edit in Preview

Adjust your Outcome as required, and view the changes on the site preview before saving them.