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Sales Tax

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Depending on where you are based, you may need to add tax to the cost of your subscriptions. This is simple to do when using Braintree as a payment provider through Zephr.

When used, our Sales Tax Extension will display a price in the format of $x + $y (tax)

This guide looks at the way in which you would add an additional amount for tax to your purchase price, and details the steps you need to take within Braintree, and Zephr.

Configuring Tax in Braintree

To begin, login to your Braintree account and select Subscriptions > Add Ons.

Give your Add On an ID, Name and Optional Description. Next, set the Add On amount to 1. Zephr will use the Add On based on a percentage of the purchase price, which we’ll set up in the Configuring Tax in Zephr section, so this amount field can be set to any figure.

Under Duration, select if this should be charged for the duration of the subscription, or for a set number of billing cycles. It is quite likely you will need to set this for the Duration of the Subscription, but this is up to you.

Click Create. A new screen will show you the Add On Details. Take note of the Add On ID – you may have set this, or it may have been randomly generated.

Configuring Tax in Zephr

Navigate to your Zephr Admin Console, then select Settings > Extensions, and click into the Sales Tax Extension.

Select Configuration, then past your Braintree Add On ID into the top field. Next, set your Tax Label. This will be used to explain the additional amount on the price of your subscription.

For User Attribute Field, set the field used to determine whether a user will see prices with the tax add-on. For example, you may select State, to charge tax to users in particular US states.

Sales Tax Extension - Configuration

Click Done.

Next, navigate into the User Attribute Mapping section. Here you can map User Attribute Values to a Tax Percentage.

For example, you may use the following state that users from New York State must pay 10% tax on their subscriptions.


Sales Tax Extension - User Attribute Mapping

Click Done.

Activate Plugin

Once you’ve input the relevant details, confirm which of your Sites the extension should be active on. To do this, use the toggles for each site under the Activate Plugin section, or choose Select All Sites.

Sales Tax Extension - Activate Plugin

Once completed, click Activate. Your plugin is now enabled and will be in use. To test this, register a user who specifies their state as NY. When navigating to a payment page, you will note this user sees any subscription prices with an additional 10% added for tax, whilst a user registered who does not state they’re from New York will see the usual price.