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What kind of training is available?

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Zephr provides a range of training options to ensure you get the most out of the product. Training is available for both the Admin Console and initial Zephr set up via our Onboarding & Training package, or on a more technical level via our Developer Support package. We also offer a User Migration package for migrations of existing user bases into the Zephr Identity Store.

Onboarding & Training

A Workshop to help a product management team design an entitlement structure for your site, including outlining site features that may require access control.

Two hour long, basic training sessions for up to 4 teams, with hands-on training in a sandbox environment. This course is appropriate for Marketing, Product Management and CMS teams. You will learn:

  • How to set up Zephr to access your site
  • How to create a registration form
  • How to create a simple entitlement model
  • How to set up an access rule for content
  • How to configure your data layer

One Zephr training session for customer services representatives. You will learn:

  • How to find and edit a user
  • How to manually grant entitlements
  • How to reset a user’s password
  • How to deliver a login link
  • How to view an access rule and perform basic issue diagnosis

Two, half day on-boarding sessions, where a Zephr expert helps you set up access control for your site. Following these sessions, your site should be ready to enter QA and user testing in preparation for go-live with Zephr.

This package also includes Go-Live Support, with a two-hour workshop to plan the go-live process, and 24-hour dedicated telephone support on the day of Go-Live.

Developer Support

The Zephr Developer Support package allows internal teams to integrate Zephr at speed, with access to the team that built Zephr. Developer Support Workshops include three half-day development workshops covering:

  • The ReST API and API authentication;
  • Webhooks and middleware;
  • Expert user tutorials for creating:
    • UI Components;
    • Advances Access Rules;
    • Using Request Rules.

On top of this, the Developer Support Package offers direct contact with Zephr developers via Slack, at any time during the Zephr office hours, over the course of a 30 day period, meaning questions can be answered direct to your developers on a real-time basis.

To schedule this training, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager, or contact us here.